Every year at the Adobe MAX conference, the software company pulls back the curtain on features that are under development. Some, like Lightroom’s Dehaze, actually come to pass, while others never make it past the demo stage.

This year’s Adobe MAX was no difference. Here’s a video tour of some of the features Adobe engineers are playing with.

Monument Mode

This algorithm distinguishes between fixed and moving objects and removes the movers, on the theory that when you’re standing in front of a landmark, you’ll only want the stationary items and not the mindless tourists passing in front of your frame.

Project Dollhouse

You’ll use this feature to change perspective in a unique way.

Project Faces

This capability lets you design your own font faces.

Adobe has a few more technological tricks up its sleeve. According to a blog post, they’re working on tech to transfer shadings from one image to another, to add motion to graphics on mobile devices through finger swipes, a method of “defusing photobombs” and more.