Ricoh Theta S Delivers Spherical Photos Over Faster Wi-Fi

Posted by on Thursday September 3, 2015 | Camera


Ricoh is refining its Theta spherical camera with the Theta S, bulking up the internal memory and delivering faster Wi-Fi.

Like earlier models, the Theta uses a pair of 180-degree lenses and two image sensors to record a scene and then stitches the two shots together in-camera to create a 360-degree spherical photo or video.

The Theta S snaps 14-megapixel stills and can record up to 25 minutes of spherical HD video at 1920x1080p30 to its 8GB of internal memory. Ricoh increased the sensor size and is offering an f/2.0 lens to capture more light. The Theta S offers ISO sensitivities from 100-1600 and shutter speeds from 1/6400 sec.-60 sec.

A faster Wi-Fi connection between the Theta S and mobile devices will allow you to instantly review the camera’s circular footage. The industrial design has also been tweaked with a new rubberized grip.

Once you’ve recorded your spherical shots, you can share them to Ricoh’s or YouTube’s 360 channel or other social networks.

The Theta S will retail for $349.



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