Graava Camera Uses Artificial Intelligence and Sensors to Edit Video for You

Posted by on Wednesday August 5, 2015 | Camera, Photo Gear


While action cameras have made it easier than ever to cram memory cards full of video, they haven’t made it any easier to edit that footage down into useable clips. A new camera, dubbed Graava, aims to change that.

Graava’s pitch is simple: using sensors and software, the camera identifies what moments from a recorded stream of footage need to be saved, and what needs to be cut. It then edits the video for you (in the cloud) and serves up a social media-friendly clip at whatever length you desire.

The camera taps into several built-in sensors for clues as to what might be occurring in the world around it, including GPS, an accelerometer, a motion sensor, a light sensor and gyro sensor. There’s also an option to connect a heart-rate monitor to the camera via Bluetooth for additional data inputs–similar to what Nikon did with its “Heartography” project.

Via a smartphone app, you tell Graava how long of a clip you want and when it’s connected (via magnets) to its wireless charging station and your Wi-Fi network, your video is uploaded and edited in the cloud. You’ll have the option to add clips back into your footage if you’re unhappy with the final result. From the app, you’ll be able to share the edited video to various social networks  as well as remotely control the camera and view a live feed from the camera. In fact, the Graava can double as a home security or baby monitor with dedicated modes that leverage the motion sensor and microphones to record activity.

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The Graava records 1920x1080p30 video in addition to 8-megapixel stills or 720p60 video. It has a fixed focus lens with a 130-degree field of view and is splash proof. Footage is recorded to microSD cards and the internal battery is rated for up to three hours of recording.

The cloud editing will be done for free, however Graava will offer a subscription service that will provide video hosting as well as the ability to stitch footage from multiple Graava cameras into a single video. Clould pricing wasn’t announced. The camera is available for pre-order now for $249 and will ship in February.




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