HP Introduces New Workstations with Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity

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HP-Z820-Workstation-ZR2440wToday HP announced a new line of workstations that will appeal to photographers and videographers looking for high computing power at an affordable price.  Listing specifications previously only within the reach of computer-intensive industries and research labs, HP’s new Desktop, Mobile and Ultrabook Workstations promise to deliver what can be considered maximum performance in both a desktop and a portable computing experience.   These systems are expected to be highly configurable to fit a wide range of imaging needs, including 4K+ video editing.
In addition, HP introduced IPS Gen 2 performance in smaller, lighter and more energy efficient 27-inch and 30-inch displays.

While there are a lot of “firsts” in the offerings, perhaps the biggest news is that these are the first professional workstations to incorporate Intel’s Thunderbolt 2 technology (Apple announced the technology earlier this year but as of this writing still has no ship date).

Thunderbolt 2 is an interface that can support simultaneous audio and video movement at up to 20GB per second. That is about 24 times faster than FW800, and 4 times faster than USB3. Given that a 4K video camera records raw data at the rate of 27MB per second it’s easy to appreciate the math.
Although complete system pricing was not available at press time, HP estimates that for a cost about 10 to 15 percent more than a typical MacBookPro or desktop computer, HP Workstations will provide more powerful options and dramatically faster data transfer speeds to photographers. Though we don’t have a unit to review yet, we’re looking forward to receiving a system to test HP’s claims about speed. HP presented data showing that, if the workstations live up to their claims, time savings could add up to hours a day for photographers, retouchers and in video production.

A custom order system for Workstations allows users to select from more than 25 different CPUs, including 4th Generation Intel dual and quad core processors, and new Ivy Bridge Xeon twelve core processors, in combination with up to 512MB of the latest DDR3/1866 memory and NVIDIA’s Maximus video card.

The workstations are reconfigurable with high performance power supplies, tool-free access and components, along with automated HP Performance Advisor software.

The HP ZBook Mobile Workstations 15 and 17 are available worldwide today starting at $1,899 and $1,999, respectively.  The HP ZBook 14 is planned to be available in late October starting at $1,399.

The enhanced HP Z420, Z620 and Z820 Workstations are planned to be available worldwide in October starting $1,399, $1,689 and $2,439, respectively.

The HP Z27i is planned to be available in October starting at $729, and the HP Z30i Display is available today starting at $1,329.

More information: www.hp.com

–Bob Rose




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