Steadicam Curve

Steadicam Curve

Two new products were announced this week aimed at photographers and videographers using GoPro cameras.

Tiffen announced the release of the Steadicam Curve. Compact enough to fit in your back pocket, the new Steadicam Curve weighs in at just eight ounces with an ergonomic design for one-handed use. “Steadicam is synonymous with action, so engineering a system that keeps pace with the intensity of GoPro users was a natural step in the progression of the Steadicam product line,” says Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “GoPro shooters have given the world some of the most amazing footage. We look forward with even greater anticipation to watching those jaw-dropping moments with that extra bit of cinematic flare thanks to the new Steadicam Curve.”

According to Tiffen, the Steadicam Curve is “ideal for GoPro users on the move,” a somewhat humorous statement given that almost all GoPro footage is captured “on the move” in some fashion. All joking aside, the Steadicam curve could turn out to be a powerful tool for professional photographers and videographers looking to spice up their offerings with the kind of footage that a GoPro can provide. While the output quality of the GoPro has increased over the years, the ergonomics of using it for anything but a mounted POV shot has always been tough. Tiffen has had its Steadicam Smoothee on the market for a while now. But its somewhat bulky form factor limited its usefulness for “on the move” users, as Tiffen might say. With a 6 3/8 inch overall height, the Steadicam Curve may just find its way into a lot of camera packs.

Pricing and availability to be announced soon.

Redrock Micro announced its new line of Cobalt Cages and accessories for the GoPro cameras. The Cobalt Cage is an aluminum housing that encases the camera for a significant increase in protection, mounting options, and accessory attachments. “GoPro cameras have been great cameras, but reliable mounting has been really

Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro

frustrating”, said director and cinematographer Jon Collins. “With the Cobalt Cage, I’m able to attach it directly to a ballhead to get the cameras in exactly the place and angle I want. The multiple attachments on all sides gives me the ability to rig the camera with three points, which makes a huge difference in the shot’s stability, and gives me the confidence to push the rigging for some really unique angles. And talk about indestructible–we accidentally ran one over with a 5-ton grip truck, and the camera was fine, the cage only a little nicked up. GoPro cameras can be disposable, but anywhere we can save money, it helps.”

The increased protection aspect is always welcome given the locations that GoPro camera see use. GoPro cameras are fairly tough as-is, and it hardly breaks a production budget to lose one. But as noted above, saving money anywhere you can helps the bottom line. More importantly, why take the risk of losing footage because of an accident or equipment failure? In addition, the advantage of the Cobalt Cage’s multiple 1/4 thread tapped attachment points shouldn’t be overlooked. Judging by the images provided by Redrock, there appear to be close to 20 of them spread out across the four sides. The strength of the GoPro has always been in its expansive mounting options, the Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage expands these options even further.

$99 available now,



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