Nikon handed photographer and video maker Corey Rich a prototype of the new Nikon D4 and assigned him to create a short feature that would demonstrate the DSLR’s full 1080p HD video capabilities, before the camera goes on sale in February. With no restrictions on what he could shoot, Rich decided to focus on action sports. His seven-and-half minute video, titled “Why,” footage of kayakers and mountain bikers in action, as well as interviews with some action sports fanatics. Rich says the sweeping helicopter footage is thanks to Michael Hagadorn, a pilot who fashioned a special rig for the camera. (You can see Rich’s acknowledgements and a full list of crew members on Vimeo.)

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Gerd Ludwig on His “Invisible Flash” Technique

Posted by on Thursday September 29, 2016 | Lighting, PDN Video Picks

Photographer Gerd Ludwig is a lighting master with TTL strobe lights. He uses them in unusual and unpredictable ways to direct the the viewer’s eye through his photographs, convey a sense of place, and define his visual style. Yet his strobe lights are all but invisible, blending with available light sources. In this video, Ludwig... More