This slow-motion video of skateboarders, basketball players and a dancer on the subway was shot by dp/cinematographer Jonathan Bregel of Next Level Pictures using a Phantom Flex camera. “The idea behind this video was to document whatever sort of culture we could find within an 8-hour span with literally no pre-production,” Bregel explains on Next Level’s blog. He adds, “I have honestly seen too many slow-motion explosions, face slaps and popping water balloons, that I thought capturing real culture and real emotion would be a cool change of pace.”

Bregel had been called in to serve as DP on a one-day shoot directed by Grand Army and produced by James Douglas, who suggested Bregel use a Phantom Flex. The commercial shoot took place on a Saturday, leaving Next Level Pictures all day Sunday to shoot with the Phantom Flex (rented from Rule Boston) –but no time to scout locations.  To stay close to the action, Bregel even got on a skateboard with the Phantom Flex to follow a skateboarding subject as he headed into the sunset.

More videos and commercials by Next Level Pictures can be found on Vimeo.



Gerd Ludwig on His “Invisible Flash” Technique

Posted by on Thursday September 29, 2016 | Lighting, PDN Video Picks

Photographer Gerd Ludwig is a lighting master with TTL strobe lights. He uses them in unusual and unpredictable ways to direct the the viewer’s eye through his photographs, convey a sense of place, and define his visual style. Yet his strobe lights are all but invisible, blending with available light sources. In this video, Ludwig... More