Photographer Catherine Chalmers is best known for her books and exhibitions Food Chain and American Cockroach, but her video series “Safari” was a Grand Jury Prize winner at the South by Southwest Festival in 2008. In 2010 she won a Guggenheim Fellowship for her project on leafcutter ants. These astonishing, industrious creatures are the subject of an amusing new video, “We Rule,” shot in Panama, which Chalmers recently posted on Vimeo (just in time for picnic season).  Charles Lindsay is responsible for the fantastic sound design.

You can see many more of her videos, including the award-winning “Safari,” additional videos-in-progress from her Leafcutters series, and parts of the American Cockroach project  at her Web site,, and on her Vimeo page.



Gerd Ludwig on His “Invisible Flash” Technique

Posted by on Thursday September 29, 2016 | Lighting, PDN Video Picks

Photographer Gerd Ludwig is a lighting master with TTL strobe lights. He uses them in unusual and unpredictable ways to direct the the viewer’s eye through his photographs, convey a sense of place, and define his visual style. Yet his strobe lights are all but invisible, blending with available light sources. In this video, Ludwig... More