Sponsored Post: Why WIN-Initiative is the Stock Agency to Watch

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So you’ve heard of WIN-Initiative, an alternative boutique stock agency, right?

If you haven’t, there’s no doubt that you will soon. WIN is becoming more and more visible on the photo industry radar.

What’s going on at WIN? We’re shaking things up by pursuing authentic, provocative and inspiring images.

Can stock really be a fun way to make an additional stream of income? Yes, we want to show you a way that is “stock monster” free. We focus on artistic work so you can enjoy being creative again.

WIN is a growing community, with over 800 Talent based in over 22 countries like Argentina, India, Brazil, Ukraine, Mexico, China, and Russia. We’ve handpicked well over 20,000 unique, non cookie cutter images that we are now licensing from our website and through image partners.

In 2007 photographer Hans Neleman began WIN by sharing his lighting equipment and cameras with friends in Latin America. Amazing images started coming in and Neleman was soon navigating and managing the incoming flood of work from photo hubs around the world (WIN stands for Worldwide Image Navigation). Empowering emerging talent by providing gear became the motto for WIN and for two entire years WIN held free lectures and workshops globally.

Neleman created a place where image buyers could find extraordinary visuals, collecting eclectic work with a highly creative aesthetic. WIN is more than just a stock agency:

WINk Magazine, our on-line magazine has captivated a big fan base around the world and continues to reflect WIN’s high quality work and showcase its relationship with a new generation of image makers.

10 BEST 10 our International Photo Competition is the showcase of the very best contemporary photography. This contest offers exposure and big prize packages for photographers that like to think outside the box.

Take 5ive our conversational lecture party where ten speakers each have up to five minutes to talk about a photo related subject, voice a concern or show recent work (theirs or otherwise).

WINg is WIN’s new RF collection of radical and unique Lo-Fi images. WINg’s aim is to push for new creative heights by accepting imagery captured with alternative and mobile devices.

Oh, and check out iD RELEASE our app that is a handy tool to get model and location releases for both film and photography.

We’re in SOHO NYC, so stop by our headquarters for a coffee or a glass of wine! You can email us here: info@win-initiative.com




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