Photographer Austin Walsh and his collaborators at Tight Salad produced “Believe,” a video about Mike “Grandpa Mike” Babick, who for 46 years has been elaborately decorating his home in Prairie Village, Kansas, with animated Christmas displays. About 250,000 tourists visit the house at this time of year. In the video, Babick explains why he firmly believes in Santa Claus.

Warning: This video contains grinning doll faces, teddy bears that move and mechanized gingerbread men, which may not be suitable for viewers who find that kind of thing creepy.  Happy holidays.

You can find more of Tight Salad’s videos on Vimeo.

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Gerd Ludwig on His “Invisible Flash” Technique

Posted by on Thursday September 29, 2016 | Lighting, PDN Video Picks

Photographer Gerd Ludwig is a lighting master with TTL strobe lights. He uses them in unusual and unpredictable ways to direct the the viewer’s eye through his photographs, convey a sense of place, and define his visual style. Yet his strobe lights are all but invisible, blending with available light sources. In this video, Ludwig... More