January 3rd, 2012

Survivor of Libya Rocket Attack Guy Martin Opens Exhibition

Photographer Guy Martin, who survived an April rocket attack in Misrata, Libya that killed colleagues Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, will hold an exhibition of his images from the “Arab Spring” next week.

The exhibition, which is being presented at the Poly Arts Center in Falmouth, UK, by University College Falmouth, will be on view from January 10–January 14, 2012, and includes photographs Martin made in Egypt and Libya between January and April 2011. Titled “Shifting Sands,” the show will also feature a conversation between Martin and Julian Rodriguez, head of the department of media at University College Falmouth.

Martin was with Hetherington, Hondros and Michael Christopher Brown on April 20 in Misrata when the photographers were hit by rocket fire. Hetherington and Hondros died of their injuries. Martin, who was severely injured, and Brown, who suffered multiple shrapnel wounds, were operated on at a hospital in Misrata and then evacuated to Malta.

“They say if the rocket’s really close you never hear anything,” Martin told the BBC for an article about his exhibition. “I didn’t hear anything. I just remember falling to the ground and then waking up in hospital.”

A screening of “Restrepo,” the Afghanistan war documentary by Hetherington and Sebastian Junger, will also take place. Proceeds from the exhibition and events will benefit The Rory Peck Trust, an organization dedicated to the safety and welfare of freelance newsgatherers and their families. The proceeds will be donated to the Rory Peck Trust in Hetherington’s and Hondros’s names.

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