October 19th, 2015

Elinchrom Adds Hi-Sync with New Transmitter, Quadra Flash Head



Elinchrom is introducing a new EL-Skyport Transmitter that lets photographers control and visualize power settings across their lights directly as well as delivering hi-sync shooting for a range of Elinchrom lights.

The new Skyport HS transmitter will be available for Canon and Nikon cameras (a Sony model is also in the works). It features a visual interface that displays the power setting of your Elinchrom lights with the ability to control individual levels and modeling lamp output from the unit.

The new transmitter also supports Hi-Sync technology. Elinchrom’s Hi-Sync mode is similar to the company’s HyperSync technology but in a form the company promises will be easier to use. Hi-Sync delivers flash sync speeds up to 1/8000 sec. and is able to overpower the sun using 424W/s flash heads from 20 feet away

The display’s backlighting adjusts to remind you of what mode you’re shooting in–green for normal sync and red for speed mode.

Additional features include:

  • 20 frequency channels
  • integrated AF illuminator
  • mini USB port for firmware upgrades
  • one touch quick-lock mechanism
  • 656 foot outdoor range, 196 feet indoor range
  • accepts two AA batteries

The new transmitter works with the past three generations of Elinchrom flash units including the EL- Skyport Transceiver RX module for Style RX, Digital RX, and Ranger RX systems, and the integrated EL-Skyport modules for the BRX, D-Lite RX, ELC Pro HD, and ELB series. The Skyport HS adds synchronization capability and two-way control to all Elinchrom lights with EL-Skyport capability.

The transmitter will arrive in November for $250.




Joining the new transmitter is a new Quadra HS flash head, which is compatible with the new ELB 400 and previous Quadra packs. Weighing in at 0.62 pounds, the flash head supports Elinchrom’s HS technology and offers an output of 424 W/s. It also features a daylight balanced 50W equivalent LED modeling lamp.

Below are some sample images provided by Elinchrom.


© Tristan Shu

© Tristan Shu

© Tristan Shu

© Tristan Shu


May 17th, 2013

Fotodiox Announces 600w Equivalent LED Studio Lights

LED100WAFotodiox, a company more commonly known for its adapters and lighting accessories, has announced the release of their new 600 watt incandescent equivalent high-intensity LED studio light, the LED100WA. LED lights give off almost no heat and thus are considerably more comfortable for subject and photographer, particularly in indoor studio settings. The size, weight, output power, and 0-100% dimmer of the LED100WA make it a logical option for on-location video as well. The light comes in both  5600K (Daylight) or 3200K (Tungsten) color temperatures and is styled after traditional studio monolights. The LED100WA is equipped with a standard Bowens (S) bayonet mount for light modifiers and other accessories such as softboxes and barndoors.

The LED100WA lights are priced at $324.95 and are available now at www.fotodioxpro.com.