Ricoh Introduces Pentax K-70 Plus New Lens

Posted by on Wednesday June 8, 2016 | Camera

Ricoh’s newest DSLR is built to last. The new Pentax K-70 boasts a dust and weather-resistant body alongside a few features first introduced on higher-end Pentax models. It sports a 24-megapixel sensor with a maximum ISO of 102,400. Also new is a Hybrid AF system that uses both image-plane phase-matching and contrast-detection autofocus technology to keep... More

Getty Jumps into Virtual Reality Market

Posted by on Wednesday June 8, 2016 | Business

Getty is jumping deeper into virtual reality. The company announced this week that it’s new Getty Images Virtual Reality Group is now live with over 12,000 360 images. It also includes high resolution gigapixel content from key events and venues. High quality VR production is also being offered through Getty Images Assignments. The roll out of 360-degree imaging started... More

The Metalens Means Cameras Everywhere

Posted by on Monday June 6, 2016 | Photo Gear

In 1958, legendary physicist Richard Feynman delivered a lecture dubbed “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom“– a talk that anticipated (if not actually initiated) an era of manufacturing on the atomic scale. Fast forward to 2016 and it appears that camera lenses may have found some room at the bottom. Several researchers from Havard have demonstrated a new... More

Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday June 3, 2016 | Photojournalism

“The problem with a life spent reading is you know too much.” ― Josh Lanyon **** How We Trained Software to Judge Photography – Medium A Disturbing Trend in Photography – Neal Rantoul The Afterlife of Polaroid – The Nation What I Learned When My Photo Went Viral – Rangefinder VR Is Cool, But Is... More

Time to CONNECT in NYC | June 8/9

Posted by on Friday June 3, 2016 | Social Media/Web

(Sponsored) This Wednesday and Thursday at New York City’s Grace Building on Bryant Park, Le Book presents CONNECTIONS, featuring some of the world’s most important brand, advertising agency and media creatives in attendance—Apple to Tiffany; Akqa to Ogilvy; Conde Nast to Vice—and creative agencies/production companies presenting the highest level of image-makers, content creators and creative solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to view the... More

Don’t Feed the Photography Trolls

Posted by on Thursday June 2, 2016 | Social Media/Web

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that all-too-often people shed whatever decency they possess in the comments. For artists and photographers who share their work online, fending off online trolls and haters is a cost of doing business. But those criticisms can sting. In this video meditation, photographer Sean Tucker offers some advice for... More