Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday June 17, 2016 | Media

“My early and invincible love of reading–I would not exchange for the treasures of India.” ― Edward Gibbon **** The Photographer Turning Forensics into Portraiture – The Guardian On Ethics and Respect in Street Photography – Nicholas Goodden When It Comes to Creativity, More Is More – Creative Review Photoshop Is Photography – The Phoblographer What... More

Ricoh Is Buying EyeFi Cloud

Posted by on Friday June 17, 2016 | Camera

Ricoh is scooping up Eyefi’s Cloud service and associated apps. Here’s an email that was distributed to Eyefi Cloud users announcing the move: We are pleased to announce that Ricoh Innovations Corporation (RIC) and Eye-Fi Inc have reached an agreement for the acquisition of Eyefi Cloud, and associated apps, by Ricoh. RIC is a member... More

Study: Instagram Interactions Are Plunging

Posted by on Friday June 17, 2016 | Social Media/Web

Interactions on Instagram–the numbers of likes and comments on photos and videos–have taken a massive hit this year, according to a new study released by research firm Quintly. Surveying over 13,000 Instagram profiles of varying sizes, Quintly found overall interaction rates have dropped 27 percent since last year for image posts and and 39 percent... More

Don’t Miss Another Travel Photo Opportunity! (Sponsored)

Posted by on Thursday June 16, 2016 | Photo Gear

(Sponsored by Borrowlenses) Interested in shooting high quality images and footage without the effort of lugging around a heavy DSLR? We suggest treating yourself to a mirrorless Sony A7 rental from to see what all the hype is about. Sony completely changed the scene with this powerful and portable camera. Here are a few... More

The Lives of Photography’s Early Pioneers

Posted by on Wednesday June 15, 2016 | Video

To paraphrase Henry Longfellow, the lives of historic figures “all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.” The task of bringing those footprints back to life for a modern audience has fallen to animator Drew Christie, who was recently commissioned by the San Francisco... More

Getty Files Copyright Suit over Stolen Photo Scheme on Facebook

Posted by on Tuesday June 14, 2016 | Copyright/Legal

Getty Images has filed copyright infringement and other claims against an Ohio man who allegedly downloaded as many as 3,400 high resolution images from Getty’s servers without authorization, and then sold them illegally to unidentified buyers through a private Facebook group. Getty says in its claim against Walter A. Kowalczuk, filed June 8 in US... More

Clément Chéroux Appointed Senior Curator of Photography at SFMOMA

Posted by on Monday June 13, 2016 | Photos In The News

Clément Chéroux has been appointed senior curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), the museum announced today. Chéroux will begin his tenure at SFMOMA in early 2017. He succeeds Sandra Phillips, who after a thirty-year career with SFMOMA, will assume the newly created role of Emeritus Curator as of July 1, 2016.... More

Photo Storytelling App Storehouse Is Closing

Posted by on Monday June 13, 2016 | Social Media/Web

The visual storytelling app Storehouse will be closing down on July 15, 2016. The app sought to differentiate itself from the legions of photo-sharing apps by focusing on storytelling–allowing users to craft coherent narratives using images, text, video and audio. In a statement released by company founder and CEO Mark Kawano, Storehouse was “unable to... More

Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday June 10, 2016 | Social Media/Web

“If I could always read I should never feel the want of company.” ― George Gordon Byron **** Remembering David Gilkey – NPR The Surprising Fate of Film – PDN Fashion Photographers Return to Film – Business of Fashion Axl Rose Doesn’t Want You to See His Fat Face – Fortune Confessions of a Stock... More