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September 27th, 2011

LUCEO Opens Online Store In Effort to “Assert Creative Control”

Photographer collective LUCEO Images announced the opening of an online store that the group of documentary photographers hopes will allow them to “assert more creative control over the production and distribution of our work,” they said.

The group will sell limited- and open-edition prints, books and other creative work through their online store. The store’s proceeds will go into a general fund supporting new projects by the photographers, as well as other initiatives like their grant for student photographers and their donations in support of other photographers through crowd-funding sites like KickStarter and

LUCEO is launching the store with the sale of the second issue of their magazine, 2×2. The magazine features the work of members Kendrick Brinson and Matt Eich, and it is also being sold in a limited edition featuring two prints.

The collective plans to offer a new print for sale on the site every two weeks.

More at

September 7th, 2011

Agency Access Acquires AdBase, FoundFolios

Agency Access, a provider of self-promotion resources for photographers and illustrators, has announced the acquisition of its main competitor, AdBase, and the AdBase-owned portfolio site, FoundFolios. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Combining these companies has always been a vision of mine,” Agency Access president and CEO Keith Gentile said in a prepared statement. “Our motivation has always been to supply our members with more options, leading to more opportunities, and more work.”

Agency Access and AdBase both maintain databases of art buyers at ad agencies, graphic design firms, publishers, and other companies. Photographers and illustrators pay for access to those databases, as well as for other marketing services including e-mail blasts and direct mail. FoundFolios is a portfolio site that competes with PDN’s Photoserve, among others.

Gentile told PDN that Agency Access and AdBase will maintain separate operations and brand identities. AdBase customers will be able to continue with the same service they currently have, or take advantage of consultations, design services, telemarketing services, or full-service marketing that Agency Access offers.

Although the acquisition eliminates significant competition for Agency Access, “the prices will not be adjusted, and the quality of service will only get better,” Gentile asserts. He adds that there is still plenty of competition in the marketplace. “We’re going to keep the [prices] the same, and the value of service high.”

August 1st, 2011

Vimeo Launches Professional Video Service

Video-sharing site Vimeo announced this morning it has added a professional version of its service aimed at photographers and other small businesses.

Called Vimeo PRO, the service costs $199 for the year and will allow photographers to create galleries of their videos using templates and themes.

The video galleries will be hosted by Vimeo but photographers can post them directly to their own websites and use their own branding and logos. Vimeo PRO will be entirely separate from the general community.

The $199 annual flate fee gives you 50GB of storage and 250,000 video plays. You can also buy more storage in 50GB increments for $199 and additional plays in increments of 100,000 for $199.

Vimeo PRO will be available on Vimeo’s site today, starting at 1pm EST.

June 23rd, 2011

When Life Gives Photogs Lemons, They Make Viral Videos

STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

Faced with a night stranded in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, auto racing photographers Joe Ayala and Larry Chen decided to put their photo equipment to good use. They created a video of themselves playing around in the empty airport—racing wheelchairs, raiding restaurant kitchens and surfing escalators—which became a viral hit, scored them a ton of free publicity, and drew the ire of cranky pants airport officials. The pair also spoke to Jalopnik about how they created the video.

June 2nd, 2011

Is Submitting Local/Regional Work to “Who’s Shooting What” a Waste of Time?

This was a question raised today by a photographer from Boston who wrote, “From what I see on Who’s Shooting What, one needs to submit a national campaign, be a famous photographer or the subject must be a celebrity.”

For the uninitiated, our Who’s Shooting What column is a bi-weekly round-up of photographers and creatives behind current ad campaigns (and very occasionally, editorial shoots). The column appears behind our pay wall, so it’s available to subscribers only, although anyone can submit work to be published.

The short answer to the Boston photographer’s question is No, it is not a waste of time to submit work to Who’s Shooting What. We publish most of what is submitted. (more…)

March 18th, 2011

Friday Fun: The Fitness Republic of China, by Christopher Wahl

Corporate photographer Christopher Wahl shot this video in a park in Shanghai, China, on one of his days off. He used a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and turned the whole piece into a microsite of nonstop repetitious exercise movements,  http://www.the (rollover each individual frame on the site to hear the accompanying audio. “I was inspired by how a simple movement and the initial act of practice is reflective in the lives of many living in China,” Wahl says. His favorite is the man in the blue sweatsuit shaking his posterior. What’s yours?

All images © Christopher Wahl

January 21st, 2011

Entry Deadline for $5K CENTER Competition Approaching

January 27, 2011 is the entry deadline for CENTER‘s annual Project Competition, which recognizes documentary projects and fine-art series. The winner receives $5,000, an exhibition, publication in Fraction Magazine and admission to CENTER’s juried portfolio review, Review Santa Fe.

Jurors for this year’s competition include Simon Baker, curator of photography at the Tate museums, Britian; Alexa Becker, acquisitions editor at Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Publishers; and Christina Cahill, deputy director at Reportage by Getty Images.

Entries for CENTER’s Project Launch competition and Choice Awards, and applications for Review Santa Fe, are also due by January 27.

Project Launch, which carries a $3,000 award as well as publication and exhibition opportunities, is given for fine-art and documentary works-in-progress with an eye toward assisting the photographer in completing a project.

The Choice Awards recognize photographers of all kinds with exhibition and publication opportunities. Three categories of juror—a curator, art dealer and editor—each select one winner.

For more information on CENTER’s awards and Review Santa Fe 2011 check out:

December 22nd, 2010

PhotoShelter Picks Favorite Photo Blog Posts of 2010 (Including Some from Us)

If you’re looking for some good reading over the holidays then check out PhotoShelter’s list of their Favorite Photo Blog Posts of 2010.

The list is a hodgepodge of photo industry posts from a variety of blogs, subdivided into 9 different categories. And, we might add, three stories from our very own PDNPulse blog made the cut. :-)

Check out the full list on PhotoShelter’s A Picture’s Worth blog.

October 29th, 2010

Elizabeth Messina, Jasmine Star at PhotoPlus Expo

Wedding photographers Elizabeth Messina and Jasmine Star, both based on the West Coast, flew East to PhotoPlus Expo to share the photographic techniques and branding tactics that keep them at the top  of what has, in the past several years, become a very competitive and lucrative genre of  photography.

In Messina’s seminar, “Getting to the Heart of Wedding Photography,” attendees were presented with several slide shows of her work (accompanied by upbeat Lauryn Hill musical tracks), free memo pads  (with an image by Messina on the cover), and giveaways from Big Folio and Graphis Studio.

At the heart of Messina’s seminar was the message that “wedding photography is a team sport and everything you as a photographer are there to capture, someone else had a hand in creating.” She advised photographers to urge subjects to always open up and give more. “Find a way into their space and create lasting memories.”

Messina also stressed to the packed seminar room that it is important to continuously nurture your creativity, and keep advancing your brand, both through personal projects and assignments as well as through blogging. A year ago she created the blog, which went on to win design awards as well as nab the attention of paying advertisers (see the article on her successful blogging endeavor in PDN’s November issue.).


August 16th, 2010

Final Day to Enter 16th Annual PDN PIX Digital Imaging Contest

Today is the last day to submit work to the PDN Pix Digital Imaging Contest. Now in its 16th year the Pix Digital awards have highlighted the best in digital imagery each year.

2009 saw the introduction of the popular multimedia category, which honored a film by the Wade Brothers for British fashion house FLY53.


Judges for this year’s contest are: Anna Goldwater Alexander, Deputy Photo Editor, Wired Magazine; Brian Storm of Media Storm; Saatchi & Saatchi Art Buyer Katie Johnson; Aaron Padin, Head of Art at JWT; and Jennifer Santiago, Associate Director, Art Buying, G2 USA, Grey Advertising.

For more information on prizes and to enter the contest visit: