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The 1,000 Year Palladiums Documenting Japan’s Natural Beauty

Posted by on Wednesday February 17, 2016 | Fine Art, Video

  It’s one of the ironies of the digital age that images taken with the most modern technology have very uncertain prospects for the future–at least until the Superman crystal memory gets perfected and commercialized. But images taken with some of the oldest photographic technologies actually enjoy some of the longest life spans. Enter Japanese... More

Great Weekend Reads in Photography and Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday February 5, 2016 | Fine Art

  “People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.” ― Logan Pearsall Smith How Photography Became a Modern Art – Christies 10 Myths About the Rule of Thirds – IPox Studios How the NY Times Is Using Old Images to Tell Stories It Missed – Poynter Shooting and Editing a Huge Indian... More

Great Photography and Filmmaking Reads for Your Weekend

Posted by on Friday January 15, 2016 | Celebrity, Fine Art, Social Media/Web

There were plenty of great reads published this week–hopefully you can block off a quiet hour or two to enjoy them. Gregory Crewdson on Being an Art Photographer Today – Vogue Annie Leibovitz on Shooting Rock Stars – Biography Meet the Man Who Photographed David Bowie for 40 Years – Vice The Challenges of Managing an Archive of Film... More

What Makes a Photographer?

Posted by on Friday January 15, 2016 | Fine Art

Smartphones have made picture-taking and images abundant commodities. But has this glut encroached on the art and craft of photography? Ken Van Sickle doesn’t think so. In this short interview with PBS, the New York-based photographer offers his thoughts on what it means to be a photographer today. “What a great photographer does is, they are consistently able... More

Photographer Sues Richard Prince Over Instagram Rip-offs… At Last

Posted by on Monday January 4, 2016 | Copyright/Legal, Fine Art, Uncategorized

Photographer Donald Graham has sued appropriation artist Richard Prince and his gallerist Lawrence Gagosian for copyright infringement of a photo that appeared without Graham’s authorization on Instagram, and then in a gallery exhibition of Prince’s appropriation work. Prince drew public complaints and vitriol last year for unauthorized reproduction, display and sale of a series of... More

Free Toolkit and Video Series Provide Business Education for Artists

Posted by on Monday December 14, 2015 | Business, Fine Art

It’s difficult for many artists to think rigidly about time management, goal setting, branding, marketing, social media strategy and other decidedly business-like actions, but that’s exactly what a new, free artist’s education series from Creative Exchange proposes artists do. Work of Art, as the video and workbook series is called, was produced from a professional development... More

Epson Launches New Fine Art Papers at PhotoPlus Expo 2015

Posted by on Friday October 23, 2015 | Fine Art

Epson trotted out a new line of photo papers at PhotoPlus Expo aimed at photographers and artists seeking to exhibit and sell their output to collectors, museums, galleries and other discerning buyers. Dubbed the Legacy Papers, Epson said they’re manufactured in a pair of European paper mills. The base paper is made in France while the... More

Artist Turns Condemned Building into a Disposable Camera

Posted by on Thursday September 17, 2015 | Camera, Fine Art, Video

There are camera hacks and then there’s Vancouver artist Joel Nicholas Peterson’s camera hack. For a project titled Blueprints for Observation, Peterson turned a condemned building into a huge camera obscura. Here, in Peterson’s words, is how he did it: “I made holes through the walls peering outside from within dark rooms facing north, south,... More

Duggal Sees Future in High Res Digital C Prints

Posted by on Thursday August 13, 2015 | Fine Art

“Pick your favorite Pacific Island.” We’re staring at a small map attached to a enormous light box. Dangling from the box is a loupe, the kind jewelers use to scrutinize a diamond, and Ken Bledsoe, manager of fine art digital printing at Duggal is encouraging us to take a closer look. We do, pressing the... More