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How I Got That Shot: Jamie Kripke’s Ski Racer GIF

Posted by on Wednesday March 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

Photographer Jamie Kripke missed the deadline to apply for a media pass to the International Ski Federation Alpine World Championships at Beaver Creek, CO. He attended the event anyway. His work on a couple of previous assignments (ex. Olympic gold medalist David Wise) for ESPN involved capturing motion sequences of athletes, so he had an... More

Hey GQ: Do You Like Cedric the Entertainer & Elton Anderson’s Promo?

Posted by on Tuesday July 15, 2014 | Celebrity

Having landed some of his first assignments on the strength of personal work, photographer Elton Anderson has been working on a personal project featuring his favorite celebrities and entertainers to attract the notice of more clients.  Anderson and actor/comedian Cedric Antonio Kyles (aka Cedric the Entertainer) share a common goal–to be featured in GQ–so they... More

Announcing the new Elinchrom ELC PRO HD 500 Flash Head

Posted by on Thursday July 10, 2014 | Lighting

Manfrotto Distribution, Inc. a leading global distributor of premium photo and video support products and accessories, has unveiled the world’s most complete, feature-rich compact studio flash unit from Elinchrom, the ELC PRO HD 500 Flash Head. The ELC is at the forefront of studio lighting technology combining everything a photographer needs and wants with the... More

An Unusual Tactic For Portfolio Reviews

Posted by on Friday June 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

  Photographer Jordan Hollender was scheduled to do portfolio reviews at NYCFotoworks in New York City this week but was called away on a job. Rather than abandon the reviews, he made a cut out of himself, and had an assistant show up to the reviews for him, placing everything on the table in front of... More