Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday April 7, 2017 | Media

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“People who say they don’t have time to read simply don’t want to.”  ― Julie Rugg


The Greatest War Photographer You’ve Never Heard Of – NY Times

The Pros and Cons of Being a One Person Crew – Indie Wire

Photography’s Limits in the Trump Era – Vantage

Our Attachment to the Past Is Hindering Photography EyeEm Blog

170 Years of British Photography – BBC

No Risk of Cliche – MovieMaker

How to Make It Without Assisting – PDN

The Ethics of Photojournalism – Street Bounty

The Moment I Knew I Wouldn’t Be a Conflict Photographer – Poynter

Why Sharpness Is Overrated – Eric Kim

10 Random Questions for Lindsay Adler – Rangefinder

Women in Protest PhotographyJezebel

Try to Be the Dumbest Photographer in the World – Eye, Heart, Soul

ICYMI: Is Photojournalism Stuck? | The Future of the Earth



Today’s top filmmakers offer some advice to those just getting started. 



Long Reads for Traveling Photographers

Posted by on Tuesday November 21, 2017 | Fashion, Fine Art, Media

If you happen to be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, fighting your way through a stiff current of people like a spawning salmon returning instinctively to your home waters, you may find yourself sitting for long periods of time, wondering: “How did I get here? What should I read?” For help with that second question,... More