When we think of artificial intelligence we usually think of HAL stubbornly refusing to open the pod bay doors, or Arnold Schwarzenegger promising to be back. But better selfies?

Adobe Research just released this teaser video showcasing some of the AI-driven advancements it wants to bring to bear on the selfie. “By combining perspective effect editing, automatic, software-only photo masking, and photo style transfer technology, we’re able to transform a typical selfie into a flattering portrait with a pleasing depth-of-field effect that can also replicate the style of another portrait photo,” Adobe notes.

So, when the robot apocalypse comes, at least you’ll look good.

But in all seriousness, this video is important not simply as a testament to the lengths we’ll go to look good. It’s a useful preview of how AI is going to transform photo editing and photography in general. The June issue of PDN will do a deep dive into how AI is impacting the photo industry, with insights from Adobe and others.

As a certain president might say, it’s going to be huge.



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