Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday March 10, 2017 | Media

Negative Space | CC

“Life happened because I turned the pages.”  ― Alberto Manguel


White House Photos, Candid or Not? – New Yorker

The Photographer Chronicling a Forgotten America – NewsHour

Photo Lessons I Learned from Da Vinci – Eric Kim

Mastering Your Creative Language – BJP

How Photography Killed Itself – Imaging Resource

The Life of an Instagram Poet – New Yorker

Amazon Prime Could Be Future of Indie Filmmaking – CoS

Here’s How I Would Redesign Instagram – Observer

Apollo Astronauts: Heroes and Pretty Darn Good Photographers – Wired

‘Just Make Things, Make Things, Make Things’ – Creative Review

What Photographers Need to Know About Insurance – PDN

Getting Above the Chaos: Science, Beauty, Photography – Vantage

Illuminating a Poppy Portrait – Rangefinder

On Working for ‘Exposure’ – PetaPixel



Why film restorers are the real unsung heroes of filmmaking.