Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

Posted by on Friday March 10, 2017 | Media

Negative Space | CC

“Life happened because I turned the pages.”  ― Alberto Manguel


White House Photos, Candid or Not? – New Yorker

The Photographer Chronicling a Forgotten America – NewsHour

Photo Lessons I Learned from Da Vinci – Eric Kim

Mastering Your Creative Language – BJP

How Photography Killed Itself – Imaging Resource

The Life of an Instagram Poet – New Yorker

Amazon Prime Could Be Future of Indie Filmmaking – CoS

Here’s How I Would Redesign Instagram – Observer

Apollo Astronauts: Heroes and Pretty Darn Good Photographers – Wired

‘Just Make Things, Make Things, Make Things’ – Creative Review

What Photographers Need to Know About Insurance – PDN

Getting Above the Chaos: Science, Beauty, Photography – Vantage

Illuminating a Poppy Portrait – Rangefinder

On Working for ‘Exposure’ – PetaPixel



Why film restorers are the real unsung heroes of filmmaking.



We’re Sorry to See You Go, American Photo and Popular Photography

Posted by on Tuesday March 7, 2017 | Media

We’re sad to report that American Photo and Popular Photography, two venerable publications for photographers and photo enthusiasts, have ceased publication. In an email sent to staff yesterday, Eric Zinczenko, chief executive officer at Bonnier, which has owned the magazine since 2009, cited “insurmountable losses in advertising and audience support” as the reasons for the... More