Federal prosecutors have dropped felony charges against four of the six journalists arrested during Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, the AP has reported. Charges agains Matthew Hopard, John Keller and Alexander Rubenstein were dropped on January 30. Charges against Evan Engel were dropped on January 27.

Charges are still pending against Shay Horse and Aaron Cantú, who were also arrested during the inauguration.

All six journalists were arrested near 12th and L Streets along with more then 200 protesters, after police “kettled” (corralled and contained) them and used pepper spray and flash grenades to subdue them. The mass arrests appeared to be in response to acts of vandalism committed near the scene by several people who concealed their identities.

The Guardian reported at the time that arrest reports for the journalists included no specific allegations against them. The Committee to Protect Journalists, meanwhile, had called on prosecutors to drop the charges.

Police Intimidation Watch: Six Journalists Charged with Felonies on Inauguration Day



Photojournalist Mathias Depardon Released from Turkish Prison

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