After Losing Bet on Trump, Is Scanning Photos for Free

Posted by on Thursday November 10, 2016 | Fun

Like many California-based tech firms, ScanMyPhotos’ owner Mitch Goldstone was not a big fan of Donald Trump. Such was Goldstone’s confidence in a Trump defeat that he publicly offered to scan the nation’s images for just $14.95 in shipping and handling costs if Trump were to prevail.

Now, in the wake of the Trump triumph, Goldstone is making good on his promise.

ScanMyPhotos will scan up to 500 4 x 6-inch prints for just the cost of shipping and handling. The offer expires Dec. 9, 2016. Photos have to be submitted in a single box and comply with the company’s photo preparation guidelines.

“During the campaign, we made a wager and shared the views of many tech companies, but we lost,” Goldstone wrote. ” However, integrity, credibility, commitment, and keeping our promise matters most. That’s been the cornerstone of and the reason why we have been in business for 26-years.”



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