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The Launch of the new Workbook.com Combines the Best User Experience and Access to the Best Talent.

As the creative industry has rapidly evolved over the past several years, Workbook and its contributors have continued to keep pace with the latest trends. More photographers now direct live action, illustrators increasingly explore animation, and digital artists continue to utilize CGI in new and creative ways. All these capabilities are incorporated into our brand new interface.


The new Workbook.com allows users to explore the variety of ways in which artists and production specialists are collaborating in today’s creative environment. We designed our website to provide unique and original ways to help you express your ideas and brand content for your clients. It’s an exciting time!

Here are the new features that transform the way you search and connect with talent at Workbook.com:

– More robust search capabilities via our new image tag search method.
– Collaborative tools making it easier to manage and share your search results.
– Fully integrated and searchable motion, animation and CGI search categories.
– Dynamic sizing making Workbook.com look great on all devices.
– A streamlined and intuitive interface.

So Get Creative! Explore Workbook.com today and let us know what you think – we’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and did we mention IT’S REALLY FAST!?

For creative professionals interested in advertising in the Workbook, contact sales@workbook.com for pricing and learn more at www.workbook.com



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