Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tether System Teaches Old DSLRs New Tricks

Posted by on Thursday September 15, 2016 | Photo Gear

While Wi-Fi is just about a standard feature on most new cameras, there are plenty of older models languishing without it. Tether Tools is rolling out a new wireless accessory in November that will bestow Wi-Fi to a number of Canon and Nikon DSLRs to provide a range of wireless remote control functions.

Called the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, the device connects to your camera’s USB port and creates its own Wi-Fi network to wirelessly send images from your camera to a mobile device or computer.

According to Tether Tools, the system can technically send both RAW and JPEG files to a mobile device, but given the size of RAW files (and the corresponding strain they’d put on your smartphone processor and storage capacity), it’s recommended for JPEG images only.

Beyond transfers, the system also lets you remotely adjust focus and exposure settings, set brackets, create time-lapse sequences and shoot HDR stills. Using the free app for iOS and Android, you can also remotely preview your scene and trigger movie recording from your mobile device. The app supports focus stacking, focus peaking and can display a grid overlay and histogram while you shoot. You can confirm focus using a pinch-to-zoom feature in the app to ensure you’re dialed in.


You can transfer images to your device from about 150 feet away from your camera.

Case Air is about the size of a car key fob and weighs 1.7 ounces. It has a built-in hot shoe to slip on top of your camera or can dangle from the side with the included quick-release lanyard.

You’ll get around 6-9 hours of battery life from the Case Air, but can extend its life with an external USB battery pack. The device works with “most” Canon and Nikon cameras, according to Tether Tools (the full list of compatible models is here).

The Case Air will ship in November for $160.

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