CES 2016: 360fly Intros 4K Virtual Reality Action Camera

Posted by on Tuesday January 5, 2016 | Camera

360fly for web

One of the major themes of CES 2016 is unquestionably the exploding field of virtual reality and while recent introductions from the likes of Lytro have focused on high-end, cinematic VR, 360Fly is bringing 360-degree imaging to the action cam masses.

At CES, 360Fly updated its 360-degree camera to offer higher, 4K resolutions. The waterproof VR action cam has four times the resolution of the original model and delivers 2880×2880, 360-degree video at 30fps.

The camera will offer a front-facing mode for shooting 16:9 aspect ratio video at
2560×1440 resolution with a field of view of 178×100 degrees (204 diagonal). There’s also a time-lapse mode with user-selectable intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60-seconds. The camera has a motion and audio detection trigger to begin filming automatically when it senses motion or sound. An on-board accelerometer can also activate recording when the user shakes the camera.

Additional features include:
* built-in GPS for geo-tagging
* barometer/altimeter
* new color-coded lighting around the OnePush button and bottom of the mounting dock to more easily distinguish camera settings.

Unlike bulky VR rigs, the 360fly uses a single f/2.5 fixed aperture lens and captures a surrounding scene with no stitching required on the part of the user. It pairs with a mobile device (iOS and Android) where 360-degree stills and video can be viewed and shared.

The camera can connect to an optional Micro-HDMI accessory base to
output a real-time full 360-degree HD video stream for live view/live streaming purposes.The camera has a two-hour battery life and footage is saved to 32GB worth of internal memory. It connects to a range of GoPro-compatible mounts, is drop proof up to 1.5 meters and can be submerged in up to 90 feet of water.

It will retail for $499.

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