Photographer Killed in Israeli Airstrike in Gaza (Update)

Rami Rayan, a photographer with the Palestine Network for Press and Media, was killed July 30 in an air strike by the Israeli Defense Forces in the Shuja’iya neighborhood of Gaza, Reporters Without Borders reports.

Rayan’s network manager told Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) that the photographer was covering civilians shopping during what they thought was a four-hour “humanitarian window” ceasefire declared by Israel, but the Israeli military had noted it would not protect Shuja’iya and certain other areas of the city.

According to news reports, the air strike killed at least 16 people and wounded more than 200 others. At the time of the attack, Rayan was wearing a flak jacket and helmet marked “press” according to Reporters without Borders.

Rayan is the third * media worker killed since Israel began its military offensive in Gaza on July 8. Khalid Hamad, a cameraman for The Continue was killed July 20 during shelling in Shuja’iya. Hamdi Shihab, a driver for the Media 24 news agency, was killed July 9 when shells struck his vehicle which was marked “TV.”

(*Update: On July 31, Committee to Protect Journalists reported that Sameh al-Aryan , a camera operator for the al-Aqsa TV channel, run by Hamas, was killed in the same air strike in which Rayan died.)

“Israel is showing little evidence to back its claim that it tries to avoid civilian casualties, including those of journalists, in its assault on Gaza,” Sherif Mansour, Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator for CPJ, said in a statement.

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10 Responses to “Photographer Killed in Israeli Airstrike in Gaza (Update)”

  1. Photographer Killed in Israeli Airstrike in Gaza – The Click Says:

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  2. Hasi Says:

    Interesting. I thought for a long time that PDN was a publication to service photographers. How silly of me. Now I see that this is just another puppet tool to serve Palestinian propaganda and lies to the public. Interesting.

  3. Richard Lewis Says:

    Hasi is right. I did not renew my print subscription years ago after publication of a propaganda piece for the palestinians published by PDN.

  4. David Sanford Says:

    PDN is fast losing any claim to honesty. The above, as with a number of pieces, is nothing but terrorist propaganda, complete with lack of context and outright falsehoods. Some context, for example, is that many of the incidents blamed on Israel are actually terrorist rockets going astray. Another context is that the terrorists routinely transport themselves and weaponry in vehicles marked as “press” or in ambulances. Of course, the deeper context is that all this would not be happening if not for the terrorists continuing war against Israel.

    Any chance that PDN might decide to be ethical in the future, rather than be a willing mouthpiece for terrorist propaganda?

  5. Mike Sanchez Says:

    The Hamas terrorist group is routinely lying about casualties, inflating the numbers, and hiding the fact that the vast majority are active terrorists. It is quite likely that these named casualties might be lied about. At any rate, considering their affiliation and activities, they were far more in the role of terrorist propagandists than as what we consider legitimate journalists.

    Say, PDN, how about some feature stories on the Israelis murdered by terrorists? Or on the tunnels into Israel designed to enable the most horrific terrorist attack in history? Or is PDN, like the “journalists” in Gaza, now obeying orders from Hamas?

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  8. Avi Says:

    ↑↑↑ Yes, what they said ↑↑↑

  9. N.R. Murray Says:

    I see that the apologists for Israel are out in force on PDN, which was just reporting the NEWS. Sorry boys, but most of the world does not agree with you, and is in fact waking up to Israel’s decades long apartheid, ethnic cleansing and outright genocide. Maybe you should be giving that AIPAC money back.

  10. el Says:

    this just goes to show you..hamas cannot and will not protect anyone…they want people dead…
    no matter what the shirt or banner clothing says.
    go live in israel and see if you live safe or get killed.
    look around the world, christians being killed, next is the usa it will happen if you dont all wake up and see that anyone not bowing to the others gd will get killed. whos business is it anyway if i want to pray to a cow? or a flower? mind your own religious business. religion should never teach anyone to kill.