How Much Do Editorial Clients Pay? “Wiki” Gives Names and Fees

Editorial clients are reluctant to publicize information about rates for photo assignments. But photographers need to know who pays what, in order to figure out which clients are worth shooting for, and to help them negotiate assignment fees.

A Tumblr site called Who Pays Photographers? helps bridge the information gap with a wiki-inspired spreadsheet listing fees paid by numerous publications, both online and in print. The site also provides information about whether the client pays expenses, how long they take to pay, and what photographers like and dislike about the client. All the information is uploaded anonymously by photographers who have shot assignments for the clients.

But users, beware. The spreadsheet, which lists clients more or less in alphabetical order, is disorganized, and a challenge to scroll through (and it can’t be downloaded). The client list is long but not exhaustive, updates are infrequent, and some of the reports are several years old. Moreover, the information provided is unverified.

Still, Who Pays Photographers? can be a useful starting point. Photographer Anastasia Pottinger says she came across it when she was trying to figure out what to charge photo blogs to publish her portraits of centenarians, after the project went viral.

“[The site] gave me a better idea of what to expect.  I had read a few blog posts out there where people were getting $150 per image and maybe that’s true when it’s just one image, but I was not sure what to charge for a whole set of images,” she says. For online publication rights to ten of her images, she says she negotiated a $375 fee from Huffington Post, after Huffington Post asked (as it usually does) to publish the images for free.

The anonymous owner of Who Pays Photographers? said in an email that he (or she?) is a working editorial photographer, with limited time to maintain, improve or promote the site. (The Who Pays Photographers? Twitter feed and archive were last updated in February.) “I welcome input and any help in running” the site, the owner says.  See our earlier Q&A with the owner for more information.

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8 Responses to “How Much Do Editorial Clients Pay? “Wiki” Gives Names and Fees”

  1. Brian Carey Says:

    ” it can’t be downloaded” but it can be copied and pasted into an OpenOffice spreadsheet.

  2. And thanks for the camera, dad Says:

    Wow Anastasia, $375 from Huffington Post! Had no idea they paid. What a great hobby photography is turning out to be for all of us!

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  4. Who Pays Photogs Says:

    Thanks for the plug.

    A few notes:

    The data collected is in a spreadsheet, which can be downloaded easily at the link below. Note that it’s regularly updated: As noted by Brian (above), you can also just copy and paste or do a right-click, open frame as..

    Whether or not there are posts or tweets from the site, submissions go directly to the spreadsheet.

    Info is not verified but it’s up to interested photographers to correct the record and highlight discrepancies. For instance, submissions show that the AP pay differently for different photographers in different regions.

    As noted in the article, I’m open to anyone pitching in to help upgrade the site or manage admin.

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  7. AB Says:

    Great site! I thought it was easy to use. Could it be better? Sure. But it’s a free service being maintained by one nice person who has other commitments- you know, like a job. If you don’t like it enough to complain then volunteer to help. Thank you Who Pays Photogs admin!

  8. Says:

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