Todd Hido Shoots Fall 2014 Campaign For Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Line

An image from Todd Hido's campaign for Victoria, Victoria Beckham's Fall 2014 collection.

An image from Todd Hido’s campaign for Victoria, Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2014 collection.

We never thought we’d mention Posh Spice and Todd Hido in the same sentence, but here goes: Victoria Beckham (previously known as pop singer Posh Spice) enlisted fine-art photographer Todd Hido to photograph ads her Fall 2014 collection of women’s fashion.

The images of models wearing Beckham’s looks recall Hido’s fine-art photographs of women in motel rooms who appear to be living on society’s fringes. In images on the fashion designer’s website we see models posed on bare mattresses or in rooms with shabby carpeting and unmade beds. Hido’s work for the label also appears to include video pieces. In one video we see a model standing against a wall in a dark room while fuzz flashes across the screen of an old-model television set.

Hido didn’t respond to our request for comment. According to W Magazine, Beckham herself said that, “Working with a photographer who doesn’t traditionally shoot fashion really enriched how I could portray the collection this season.”

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2 Responses to “Todd Hido Shoots Fall 2014 Campaign For Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Line”

  1. Todd Hido Says:

    Conor, sorry I was not able to comment before your deadline. Working with Victoria and her team was a true pleasure. It was one of the few commissions I’ve ever received where the client actually meant what they said when they asked me to “do my thing”. I am really pleased with the results and the experience we had in making the Images.

  2. jack wilson Says:

    Todd –
    It’s amazing — one sees so clearly the connection between these images and your instagram feed (do you post to that anymore?) Everywhere, photographers are told to show what they want to shoot… again and again and again. Here’s an example of how that works, and at the very highest level. Congratulations.