BREAKING: Hasselblad Launches HV, a High-End DSLR Based on Sony A99

Hasselblad-HV_front_wHasselblad has just announced the new HV, a 24.3-megapixel, full-frame digital SLR that appears to be based on the Sony A99 from 2012. According to a press release posted on Hasselblad’s website, the HV camera will sell as a kit with a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for for 8,500 Euros, or $11,500 USD. (The Sony A99 retails for $2,800, body only.)

Hasselblad, which is known primarily as a manufacturer of medium-format camera systems, has collaborated with Sony in the past for its Lunar, and Stellar mirrorless digital cameras, which are based on Sony’s NEX models, but revamped as luxury items and sell at much steeper prices.

In describing the Hasselblad HV, Hasselblad’s CEO Ian Rawcliffe said the new camera is designed to be stylish, ergonomic, and rugged, and is built with “premium materials like titanium, high-grade aluminium and latest ‘tough as nails’ PVD coatings.”

“This camera is aimed squarely at people who don’t just love taking pictures – but love taking them in real style,” Rawcliffe said in the press release. “And the HV doesn’t just look good; it feels good to hold too.”

Check out some more photos of the Hasselblad HV after the jump. More info on the new camera at Hasselblad’s website.


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13 Responses to “BREAKING: Hasselblad Launches HV, a High-End DSLR Based on Sony A99”

  1. Michael Says:

    What’s next?

    Hasselblad/Sony Minidisc Camcorder for those that want to do video in high style?

    It’s bad enough that everything is obsolete the minute it’s released… why on earth would you market something like this?

    It certainly isn’t about the image.. oh.. maybe it is.. the image of the person that buys it.

    Not a hater… Just a skeptic.

  2. Kevin Says:

    ^Michael – Hasselblad is still trying to remain relevant and is trying to do so with style vs innovation with this market. Leica’s relationship with Panasonic is a similar endeavor to put a fancy look and materials on existing (and in Hasselblad’s case, outdated) tech. I don’t know who would buy these cameras. Maybe the Chinese market?

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  4. Marc Says:

    For hobbyist doctors and dentists

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  7. Jesús Manuel Mena Garza Says:

    Hassy should focus on aftermarket lenses and accessories. It is lagging in the camera department. I have owned analog Hassies (now relegated to my storage closet) but their digital stuff is cumbersome.

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  10. RC Says:

    I’ve been a Hasselblad (analog) owner for years and all I can say is “are they crazy”? Leica works similarly with Panasonic on a few cameras but why would I pay for a name?

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  12. Mike B Says:

    I love my old 500C and will never sell it, but what are they thinking. Their digital equipment is way to expensive, only a few can afford it. I can buy Cannon and Nikon for a fraction of the price for the same quality. Again they have a very narrow market for sales. They want to become relevant again, come out with a digital in 24 megapixal range that can use old lenses plus new, for under $5000, before they go out of business. Get with the program before it is to late. Please…

  13. Em Says:

    I can’t believe someone made the business decision to develop, build, and market a camera like this. Even more difficult to believe is that anyone outside of uber wealthy CEO’s and doctors would buy such a camera. What an aberation to the Hasselblad name.