HuffPost Ignoring PhotoJ Credits For Images of Kiev Clashes

Yesterday Huffington Post UK published “29 Incredible Pictures Of Kiev Transformed Into A Warzone,” but didn’t bother to caption or credit the images to the photojournalists who are risking personal harm to create them.

(Oddly, another gallery published by the Huffington Post empire using some of the same images did include proper credits and captions.)

Several news outlets are carrying wire images of clashes in Kiev between protestors and police. Among the photographers whose images are featuring prominently on the websites and front pages of major news media are Sergei Grits and Efrem Lukatsky, who are covering the protests for AP; Valentyn Ogirenko, Vasily Fedosenko and Gleb Garanich for Reuters; and Sergei Supinsky, Anatolii Boiko, Anatoliy Stepanov and Vasily Maximov for AFP/Getty.

Show some respect, HuffPost UK, while you count your clicks.

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One Response to “HuffPost Ignoring PhotoJ Credits For Images of Kiev Clashes”

  1. Michael Newler Says:

    Photo equipment manufacturers, especially those manufacturing cameras and lenses, routinely get away with NOT giving the photographer a Copyright notice, but they make sure their own Copyright notification is attached to their advertising. I recently heard of one large manufacturer in particular doing “buyouts” and Rights grabs. PDN should help to enforce photographer’s Copyright notices on all manufacturer’s advertisements in their own publications and online.