Nikon Unveils Retro-Style Nikon Df Full-Frame DSLR with No Video Capture Mode (Hands-On Preview)

Nikon-Df_SL_50_1.8_SE_frttopA few days after the U.S. “fell back” and ended Daylights Saving Time for the year, Nikon turned back the clock in its own way with a new camera announcement: the distinctly retro, 16.2-megapixel, full-frame Nikon Df, which looks more like a classic Nikon film SLR than any digital SLR we’ve seen so far. The camera, which has been widely leaked in the last few days, uses the same FX-format (35mm-sized) sensor as Nikon’s flagship professional D4 DSLR but resembles a Nikon FM or FE film SLR from the 1970s or 80s.

I got some hands-on time with the new Nikon Df at a press briefing, under NDA, during PhotoPlus Expo last month, and found the camera to be an intriguing but slightly befuddling new DSLR for professional photographers and enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photos of the Nikon Df cameras shown to me during the briefing, so all the product images included here have been provided by Nikon.

Read more of my hands-on preview of the new Nikon Df here.

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7 Responses to “Nikon Unveils Retro-Style Nikon Df Full-Frame DSLR with No Video Capture Mode (Hands-On Preview)”

  1. Sean Says:

    Nice concept, but a few years too late… And what about that price? Way too much for what this camera has been hyped up to be.

  2. Greg Says:

    Way to go Nikon was so excited about this camera till I had seen the price. Just what you needed another FX camera around three grand. You needed that like a whole in the head! With the Sony A7 out now, you would think they would try to capture that market. See a lot of people going to Sony who want to get into full frame maybe even me! You would think with striping the camera down to the basics, they could have come up with a better price! Love the look of the camera and sounds like it will be a great one! However just another FX from Nikon out of my Budget. Sony for me or a used D600 I guess hopefully with out the dust spots!

  3. sal coppola Says:

    making a BIG mistake on the price point…….1600.00 should have been it…….

  4. Phil Says:

    Not what the majority of us sports type photographers were/are looking for. We’re still waiting for a successor to the d300/300s, an aps body with the full metal jacket, no video,and a shutter that will stand up to sports photographers needs… in the range of 5-8 frames/second for under $1500 The d7000 & D7100 are ok stop gaps until the real thing comes along, but are at best throw away bodies for those of us who shoot kids tournaments,… hockey, lacrosse soccer, figure skating, baseball etc… We’re not looking for retro… looking for the toughness that Nikon has put out in the past. High iso like the 7100 without the filter, that will give us the files we need for on the spot sales. The aps sensor size is important as in a lot of arenas etc a 70-200 zoom is the only lense that is viable,… on the d7100 with the 1.3 crop it is money in the bank, as the reach makes the small kids fill the frame and parents go gaga over their children filling the frame… they are not “ART DIRECTORS” they don’t see the photo cropped on their minds. Sooooooo bring on the d400, right now we’re going through d700/d7100 shutters like they’re going out of style… not a lot O’ fun.

  5. Gordon Moat Says:

    Definitely intriguing, especially that I still own an FM and FE, and sometimes I an F4S. It doesn’t seem like a camera that would move me away from my D3, but I reserve judgment until I actually get to try a Df for myself. Balance is a big part, though I like the idea of using old manual focus lenses with this.

  6. SinoPhoto Says:

    Well, it needs to offer the same specs as either the D4 or the D800, sans video, in order to be taken seriously by pros. I noticed that a similar camera is being made by Olympus. Maybe I’m missing something or this is a trend in Japan toward retro styled cameras for very well healed prosumers.

  7. mike Says:

    Count me as a long time, dedicated Nikon user (D4, D3s, D800, D700, F4 and 20 plus lenses.

    I would have been interested in a small light body, that makes manual focus lenses easy to use (focus screen, peaking, something) ….like an updated and downsized 700

    I’ll keep my existing cameras..which I love…for paid work, but have ordered a Sony A7 for a light weight, full framer