DxO ViewPoint 2 Software Announced, Enhances Distortion Correction Tools

vp-small DxO just updated its ViewPoint perspective and distortion correction software. Version 2 features a new 8-point mode that, using 4 independent lines, allows users to more precisely  correct convergent lines. In conjunction with the new mode, DxO has also added a one-click “natural” option to adjust the intensity of those corrections.

ViewPoint 2 also draws on a database of almost 15,000 optics modules to automatically correct lens distortions according to specific lens/camera combinations. If your particular gear is not included in the database or you’d rather do it yourself, manual distortion controls are available.

The crop tool has been enhanced, providing access to the entire image and more cropping flexibility.

ViewPoint 2 operates as a standalone program and as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. With version 2, ViewPoint is also now compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements (Elements 12 was just released) and Apple Aperture, although automatic distortion control is not yet available for Aperture.

Upgrades are free for those who purchased ViewPoint on or after August 1, 2013. For everyone else, ViewPoint 2 is on sale until October 20, 2013 for $49. After October 20, ViewPoint 2 will cost $79. A 30 day trial can be downloaded here.

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One Response to “DxO ViewPoint 2 Software Announced, Enhances Distortion Correction Tools”

  1. Jose Pineda Says:

    Okay so for all those who have been living on the moon all I can say about DxO labs is that they will take you to the promise land when it comes to image quality.
    I meet the main guy at DxO really nice kid name Hector so after talking to him for a few minutes I made the jump and purchased all three of there products from my local reseller.Not only did Hector go far and beyond to make me happy he even provided me with a one on one training to get me up and running talk about customer service if you are looking for real image quality you will only find it using DxO products.