Laid Off, Maddie McGarvey Offers Touching Homage to Small-Town Newspaper Photography

Photojournalist Maddie McGarvey has written a touching tribute to her work as a newspaper photographer at Gannett’s Burlington Free Press. McGarvey was laid off yesterday, along with 200 other Gannett employees, she reports in a blog post published today, which she titled “Looking Forward.”

Despite the setback, McGarvey says that several of the subjects she’s met in her year on the job have changed her life and given her a sense of optimism, perseverance and community, and she shares her photos and stories of those people. She writes: “I’m hopeful for this career that so many friends and I have chosen to follow. This job, in my short time, has led me to some incredible people who have absolutely changed my life for the better.”

It’s worth a read:

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2 Responses to “Laid Off, Maddie McGarvey Offers Touching Homage to Small-Town Newspaper Photography”

  1. Done with Gannett Says:

    Gannett had 200 employees left? Who knew?

    Here in New Jersey Gannett fully gutted some great (APP) and decent local (Courier News) papers years decades ago — unrelated to the Internet.

  2. David Burnett Says:

    When someone suggests that small towns just don’t have picture opportunities, send them to Maddie McGarveys site.. she connects with her subjects, her surroundings, and you have the feeling that no matter where she is, the pictures will resonate.