PDN Video Pick: Scott Strazzante on iPhone Street Photography

Chicago Tribune staff photographer Scott Strazzante has built an Instagram following of more than 18,000, and is also author of a popular blog called Shooting from the Hip. He sat down for a video interview with PDN at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia last month to explain the tools and techniques he uses to capture unguarded moments of everyday people on the streets of Chicago, New York and other cities he visits while covering news and sports assignments for the Tribune.

Scott Strazzante on iPhone Street Photography from PDNOnline on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to “PDN Video Pick: Scott Strazzante on iPhone Street Photography”

  1. Michal Daniel Says:

    Nice to see people pick up where I left off… proofsheet.com/press/pdn09/

  2. Sal Ruibal Says:

    Nice to see Scott Strazzante have some success making a living from street photography, but he’s pretty mainstream. The Leica M is about iPhone sized, almost silent and a much better camera. Scott’s a shooter, but Henri Cartier-Bresson was an artist.

  3. Vincent Laforet Says:

    Sal – seriously? Are you either of the two? I’ve never understood people who want to put others down. NOTHING good comes of it. Use your energy to create something good. Scott has been working his but off for as long as I’ve known him. He deserves much better than what afford him.

  4. Chris Donahue Says:

    ^^Well he seems to have the right ideas.. but the work seems pretty mediocre and boring

  5. Marty Mitchell Says:

    Really tired of negative critiques about phone photography. Just because it wasn’t shot with an overpriced Leica doesn’t mean the photo isn’t art. I love images made with my Holga and my Hipstamatic and my D600. They are just tools to produce an image. I think Scott’s images are brilliant.