PDN Video Pick: Miller Mobley’s Tips for Landing Clients

Photographer Miller Mobley: How to Build Relationships with Clients from PDNOnline on Vimeo.

Miller Mobley built a successful business as an editorial and commercial photographer in his native Alabama, then gave it up to start all over again in New York City. In this video produced by PDN, he discusses how he landed jobs in both places, and the importance of showing new work to potential clients every time he approaches them. To learn more about how Mobley launched and then re-launched his career, see our story, “Miller Mobley’s Transition,” at PDNonline.com.

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One Response to “PDN Video Pick: Miller Mobley’s Tips for Landing Clients”

  1. Dominique / York Place Studios Says:

    Really interesting article, he is so right “When I’m not earning I’m creating” it is what every creative should do and not just sit and wait for it to come in, Thanks for sharing :)