Instagram Demonstrates Powerful Video Stabilization – on a Smartphone

shaky-videoProfessional photographers don’t often turn to a smartphone to shoot video. But in the new video offering announced by Instagram today is technology that could eventually be a great addition to the toolkit.

A new video option for the photo sharing site can literally take jumpy, hand-held video and turn it into something watchable. Technology like that could someday be used to help rescue video footage that might otherwise be given up for loss because of a shaky hand.

Here’s a clip of the announcement about the new technology, taken from today’s live stream of the Instagram press event.

To watch the replay of the live streaming of the whole Facebook/Instagram event, beginning to end, go this Live Stream page.

–Erik Sherman

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One Response to “Instagram Demonstrates Powerful Video Stabilization – on a Smartphone”

  1. T Y Says:

    I think the term professional photographer gets thrown around pretty loosely these days. It sounds like a great tool for people who want to shoot more professional looking video of course, but professionals will continue to shoot video the professional way.