Eggleston to Photo Community: Don’t Bother Me

Reclusive photographer William Eggleston has deigned to take a few written questions from photographers, curators, and fans, and the questions, along with his responses, were published yesterday in British newspaper The Independent.

Among those who posed questions were Martin Parr, Nina Berman, Alec Soth, Jason Evans, Tate Modern photo curator Simon Baker, and Brett Rogers, director of The Photographers’ Gallery in London.

Eggleston’s terse, deadpan responses reveal so little beyond his disinterest in the exchange that readers might be left wondering: Why did he bother? One possibility is that he needs to come out periodically and remind everyone that he doesn’t talk about his work, so stay the heck away. That said, if Eggleston has to put up with the type of bizarre, irrelevant questions that he was asked (e.g., What building would you like to blow up?), he might be forgiven for hiding.

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3 Responses to “Eggleston to Photo Community: Don’t Bother Me”

  1. David Says:

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  2. Boaco Says:

    Not here – the feedburner RSS feed is perfectly clean.

  3. Old Dog Says:

    This is what passes for journalism in our so called modern culture. Why was this even published to begin with? Most of the questions asked were simply stupid and should cause embarrassment for those who asked them.

    Eg., Penny Martin, curator and editor-in-chief, The Gentlewoman: “What building would you like to blow up?”