Fujifilm Unveils New X100S and X20 High-End Retro Compact Cameras at CES (UPDATED)


(UPDATE: As expected, Fujifilm officially unveiled the X100S and X20 retro-style, compact cameras at a press conference at CES yesterday. Both cameras will go on sale in March, with the the X100S retailing for $1,299; and the X20 for $599. More details on these two new cameras in our preview below.)

Fujifilm’s U.K. office seemed to jump the gun on its own CES press conference over the weekend by unveiling the new X100S and X20 high-end, compact cameras ahead of schedule. The company is expected to officially unveil the new cameras at a CES press conference in the next hour.

The X100S is the apparent successor to the X100 from 2010. The retro-style X100S uses a APS-C,16.3-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II image sensor that’s similar in size to chips in entry-level digital SLRs.

The X100S will reportedly have a faster autofocus time of 0.08 seconds — which Fujifilm is calling “the world’s fastest AF” (we’ve heard that before) — along with several other key upgrades. (Though the new X100S looks a lot like the previous model.) Like its predecessor, the X100S employs a Fujinon 23mm f/2 fixed prime lens.

The X100S also features Fuji’s now familiar hybrid viewfinder, which combines both optical and electronic viewfinders. As an added twist, the X100S boasts a new Dual Split Image display, which presents dual images on the left and right side that can be lined up for manual focusing.

According to Fuji, this gives the photographer more accurate focusing when working with an open aperture or during macro shooting. The X100S also features a Focus Peak Highlight function, which electronically shows you which area of an image is in focus for better accuracy and sharpness.

Fujifilm’s U.K. branch also posted a press release on the 12MP X20, which is a follow-up to the X10. The compact X20 uses a 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS sensor and a 4x manual barrel zoom lens with a f/2.0-2.8 aperture rating.










Price and ship dates for the new cameras have not been announced yet. We’ll add more details to this story when they’re revealed at CES.

(Via Engadget and Photo Rumors)

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