PhotoPlus Expo 2012: TetherFly Wireless Transmitter Zaps Your Photos to a Smart Phone or Computer

The PhotoPlus Expo kicked off in New York City today and while most of the major camera announcements were made at the photokina show in Germany in September, there’s lots of smaller but no less important photo products debuting here at PPE 2012.

One product that caught our eye last night at the “Test Drive” PhotoPlus press preview was the TetherFly by CameraMator, which is a radio transmitter that helps you wirelessly beam images from your camera to an iPad, iPhone, Android device, or a Mac computer. Think of it as an EyeFi card with some power and versatility behind it.

First off though, unlike the EyeFi, TetherFly is not a card. It’s a small, pod-shaped device that fits on the hotshoe of your camera (or on an extension bar or tripod), and lets you transfer images from the CompactFlash (CF) or SD card in your digital SLR to your mobile device or Mac computer without wires.

The device is aimed at studio photographers or location shooters who might not want to break their flow by having to pull the card out of the DSLR to transfer images from the camera.

The CameraMator App, which you can download for free as part of TetherFly, will also give you access to your DSLR’s settings and controls (including being able to fire the shutter) remotely from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Along with viewing images remotely, you can tag or share your shots using “Direct Connect” or any accessible WiFi network.

There’s also a ControlLock Pro feature that lets you turn off some or all of the CameraMator App’s camera adjustment settings and shutter release functions so they don’t get changed by mistake. (This helps prevent a client from accidentally changing settings on a camera or tripping the shutter while reviewing shots on an iPad.)

The TetherFly by CameraMator sells for $319. More info here.

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