PhotoPlus Expo 2012: Sound Blimps from AquaTech

This might look like an blimp-sized underwater housing for your digital SLR but it’s designed to be used strictly above water.

It is a type of “blimp” though.

Called a Sound Blimp and available from AquaTech, it’s designed to make your DSLR a quieter shooter. Custom-cut from sound-dampening foam, the Sound Blimp fits snuggly over your camera like a padded case to muffle shutter sounds and other DSLR chatter.

According to AquaTech, independent tests show that noise is tamped down by approximately 97 percent with a Sound Blimp fitted around a DSLR.

AquaTech’s blimp is made from polyurethane so it’s relatively lightweight but designed to be tough. Controls on the blimp are constructed from stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum and durable plastic.

Each blimp has an electronic AF Shutter Release, hand straps, and controls for back focus, play back, and for the main dial, so you can adjust aperture and shutter speed.

There are six different models to fit a range of Canon and Nikon DSLRs. All have tripod mounts with both 3/8 and 1/4-20 threads, a quick release clip with a safety latch. You can also add compatible lenses with the blimp thanks to AquaTech’s interchangeable front lens port system.

Potential uses for this stealthy system include when shooting at quiet locations such as movie sets, sound stages and theaters or in courtrooms. But we could also see it come in handy when photographing shy subjects such as wildlife, children or camera-phobic celebrities.

The price of an AquaTech Sound Blimp is $995 and optional lens tubes range in price from $195-$395.

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