PhotoPlus Expo 2012: CineMoco Motorized Camera Dolly Gives You Hands-Free Movement Shots for Video and Time-Lapse Photography

Fresh off the success of his popular CineSkates HD-DSLR dolly system from last year, inventor Justin Jensen of Cinetics was at PhotoPlus Expo this week showing off his latest product: CineMoco, which is a compact, motorized dolly and slider for shooting video and time-lapse photography.

Think of it as CineSkates with a brain.

Like CineSkates, CineMoco started as a Kickstarter project and easily blew past its pledge goal. The Kickstarter goal for CineMoco was $50,000 but, at the time of this writing (with just eight hours left in the Kickstarter campaign), the product had received nearly $103,000 in pledges.

While the appeal of CineSkates was it simplicity (three skate-like wheels that attach to a tripod to turn it into a dolly), the modular CineMoco system is a much more sophisticated product.

It includes the SkatePlate to mount your HD-DSLR onto; the SkateTrack rail system for tracking shots; the new V wheels (though it also works with the old CineSkates wheels as well); and the CineMoco itself, which is the computerized brain that automates smooth, repeatable movements of the dolly for videos and for shooting images between moves for time-lapse photography.

The software that comes with the CineMoco is open-source and Jensen hopes photographers and cinematographers will write their own scripts for the motorized dolly and share them to create a library of pre-programmed movement shots.

Official pricing hasn’t been set yet since the CineMoco is just coming out of Kickstarter but the basic CineMoco Dolly set-up (which includes the CineMoco, SkatePlate, and V wheels) was being offered for a $495 pledge, while the CineMoco Slider (which adds the SkateTrack and travel bags) was going for $795.

More info here. Also, check out the Kickstarter demo below.

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