Photokina 2012: Phase One/Mamiya Intro New 645DF+ Medium-Format Camera & Schneider Kreuznach 28mm Aspherical Lens

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Phase One introduced the new 645DF+ medium-format camera today, saying the revamped platform supports 50 different medium format digital backs and 80 different lenses from a variety of brands.

The new 645DF+ platform also has a new, more powerful, Li-ion rechargeable battery that will let you shoot up to 10,000 images on a single charge.

The Phase One 645DF+ will sell for $5990. It is also available with the Mamiya Leaf brand name — if that’s your pleasure — but is essentially the same camera system at the same price.

Phase One also announced the Schneider Kreuznach 28mm LS f/4.5 Aspherical lens for medium-format  cameras today. It is also priced at $5990 and is shown on the 645DF+ camera to the upper right.

More info in the press release after the jump.


Phase One introduces the world’s most versatile camera platform for high-end photography

Introducing the Phase One 645DF+ camera platform and Schneider Kreuznach 28mm LS f/4.5 Aspherical lens

COPENHAGEN, September 17, 2012 — Phase One, the world’s leader in open-platform, high-end camera systems and solutions, today announced the world’s most versatile camera platform for high-end photography.

With support for more than 50 different digital medium format digital backs and 80 different lenses from leading brands, and featuring a new high-powered rechargeable Li-ion battery enabling up to 10,000 captures on a single charge, the new Phase One 645DF+ camera sets a new standard for professional performance.

The Phase One 645DF+ builds on the success of previous generations of the camera and has undergone a complete overhaul of all moving parts to produce a camera with the highest uptime in the market of high-end photography.

An enhanced auto-focus delivers accurately focused images fast, even when shooting in low light or low contrast. And with an all-new custom adjustment feature photographers can fine-tune the alignment of digital backs to the camera. With this photographers can easily match their focus preference.

Also today, Phase One announced the Schneider Kreuznach 28mm LS f/4.5 Aspherical lens. With superb edge-to-edge sharpness, a viewing angle of 102°, a minimum focusing distance of only 35 cm / 1.15 feet and fast flash synchronization capabilities up to 1/1600s, it is ideal for interior photography. It is also a perfect companion for landscape, architecture and cityscape images.

“Phase One’s newest products are designed to give photographers the tools they need to improve their creativity and productivity,” said Jan H. Christiansen, marketing director, Phase One. “Phase One is committed to a collaborative, open approach in digital imaging. Together with our partners and customers, we are opening new possibilities in creative excellence.”

The 645DF+ is one of only a few cameras on the market that supports both focal plane and leaf shutter lenses. Its range extends from exposures of up to 60 minutes to as fast as 1/4000s. It facilitates flash synchronization speeds of up to 1/1600s with leaf shutter lenses from Schneider Kreuznach

The Phase One 645DF+ builds on a highly reliable, proven technology platform comprising quality components designed for the demanding professional workflows. The core body of the 645DF+ camera is primarily aircraft grade aluminum and magnesium. In combination with fine-tuned mechanics, state-of-the-art electronics and great ergonomics, this ensures a highly durable product, matching the most demanding requirements of the worlds’ leading photographers.

Availability and pricing
The Phase One 645DF+ camera body is priced at 4290 EUR / 5990 USD. It is also available under the Mamiya Leaf brand name (see today’s related announcement). The Schneider Kreuznach 28 LS lens is priced at 4290 EUR / 5990 USD. Both the camera and lens are available for ordering now; volume shipping begins in October 2012.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger comes at no additional cost with the 645DF+. A kit consisting of two batteries and a charger can also be purchased stand-alone and used together with the 645DF+ or 645DF camera. This kit costs 560 EUR / 690 USD. The battery kit is available for ordering now and volume shipping will start in October 2012.

The Phase One 645DF+ camera body is also available in various bundles with a variety of lenses and digital backs from Phase One. For more details, please see your nearest Phase One dealer: HYPERLINK “”




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