This Fake Ad Shows You Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional Photographer

It all ends badly when you don’t hire a professional photographer.

5 Responses to “This Fake Ad Shows You Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional Photographer”

  1. Alec Says:

    I hope this is the first of many videos. We need to get out that professional photographers bring more to a shot than someone with a point and shot. This despite what commercials might like the public to believe.

  2. BW Says:

    Too bad the Fake Ad had to blatantly copy (even the VO) of some not-very-great-ads that are currently circulating for DIrectTV. Kind of goes directly against the push for hiring a pro photographer to do custom work, don’t you think?

  3. pt Says:

    You mean, too bad the video had to portray women as crazy. That was really unnecessary and is typical of the male dominated, “woman as either sex object, housewife, psycho, or victim paradigm” that is, unfortunately still such a large part of this male dominated industry. Wake Up People! As a photographic instructor for 10 years I can tell you that my classes are comprised of more than 60 % women. This profession is no longer comprised of just men. I’m just wondering when the industry will catch up? “Professional Photographers” need to seriously examine this issue. Where is the respect? Where is the creativity?

    -Sincerely, A male photographer in the industry.

  4. pb Says:

    Pt…seriously bro…take a midol or somthing dude. Its a joke..parody…pun..whatever you wanna call it. Perhaps you missed the fact that: Women do have a sense of humor.

    Its time that someone made a real version of something like this and started running them on all the wedding oriented cakeboss, bridezilla et al. (think of the “got milk” ads).

    What we DONT need is to squash the creativity of someone who is touting such a good message as this.

    chill out mon!

  5. Michael Miller Says:

    I think the “Dish” ads are great, I thought this one was decent. PT…you’ve got a serious chip on your shoulder. Sounds like you think the proper response to being overlooked as a female photographer is to be applauded and awarded for being a female photographer. If you want to be recognized for your photography, shut up and shoot.