Why Do You Love Photography? Win Tickets to PhotoShelter’s Luminance 2012!

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Andrew Fingerman, PhotoShelter CEO

Why do you love photography?  Tell PhotoShelter and win tickets to Luminance 2012, a two-day event focused on the trends, innovations and opportunities in our industry — in a nutshell, the future of photography.

A first-of-its-kind event, Luminance will tap into conversations being held among photographers, creatives, designers and entrepreneurs alike.  At its core, Luminance strives to spark the new ideas and networks that will push photography, as an industry, to the next level.

We’ve got an amazing lineup of speakers: leading innovators behind Lytro, 20×200, and Hipstamatic, tech visionaries from Facebook to Google, the founders of Behance and Blurb, and award winning photographers who are changing the way we see the world. Renowned photographers Joe McNally, Zack Arias, Corey Rich, and Robert Seale will also host a limited-attendance photography workshop to help you hone your technique and gather new inspiration.

It’s all taking place in New York City from September 11-13.

And don’t miss our killer #ilovephotography party to bring everyone together to celebrate image making. Check out the full rundown on Luminance 2012.

Get Your Free Tickets

Simply answer the question “Why do you love photography?” in the comment section below. Then tweet, Like or share this post on Facebook. Every week, PhotoShelter will pick 3 lucky winners with the most inspiring and creative responses. They’ll win 2 tickets to the event, plus the #ilovephotography party on September 12th. Don’t worry if you don’t win: PhotoShelter is offering PDN readers a $25 discount to the event. To take advantage, use code PDN2012 when you register.

See PhotoShelter’s blog for full contest rules.

We can’t wait to read your responses!

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9 Responses to “Why Do You Love Photography? Win Tickets to PhotoShelter’s Luminance 2012!”

  1. Giovanni Cardenas Says:

    I love photography because it allows me to express myself completely without having to say a word. The picture itself speaks for itself. Photography allows me to be creative in so many different ways other than clicking the shutter.

  2. Ken Lager Says:

    I love Photography. It allows me to re-connect with a part of my life that I had previously lost touch with. When FDNY told me I was 12 days to old to join up with them, I was devastated. My camera has gained me access to the world I used to know , shooting firefighters and their stories.

  3. Mead Norton Says:

    I love photography because it has allowed me to witness history as it happens.

  4. Adam Burke Says:

    I love photography because it allows events like Luminance to occur (It’s true. Hear me out…) and bring together disparate people like Zack Arias, Leila Boujnane and Alan Taylor to discuss the element(s) of photography or imagery that interest them enough that they are willing to share their thoughts with the rest of us.

  5. S. Asafrass Says:

    i don’t love photography as much as photography loves me

  6. Rebecca Andrews Says:

    Photography has given me the opportunity to express my purpose of being a creative young individual. Exploring a wide scope of projects whether commissioned or my own self exploration of things which fascinate me and things that I want to document, understand and develop more as a project. Photography is my most invaluable tool for visual expression. I live in the UK and I would absolutely love the opportunity to attend the Luminance conference. I cannot miss this invaluable event, as a young photographer and business woman it will help me grow and hone in on the future of photography and how to survive in it.

  7. Ali farmer Says:

    I love photography, as it allows me to be free to say and express myself in away that I don’t have the confidence to do in any other way. It allows me to push boundaries and be creative and make my voice herd on personal and social subjects. It gives people a voice and inspiration!!!

  8. Russell Junghans Says:

    Yep this one is CLASSIC.I’m surprised this one wasn’t on here sooner.

  9. Machelle Mcdivitt Says:

    I was introduced to Dharmani by Jacob Israel of VaultBox, we talked a bit about being a startup in a non-tech hub.  Turns out, there is an incubator in