Three News Photographers Murdered in Veracruz, Mexico

Three photographers who had covered organized crime and drug violence in the Mexican state of Veracruz were found dead yesterday, AP reports. The bodies of  Guillermo Luna Varela, Gabriel Huge and Esteban Rodriguez were recovered from a wastewater canal near the port city of Veracruz, about 250 miles east of Mexico City. Their bodies had been dismembered and stuffed into black plastic bags. The Veracruz Attorney General’s office also reported that their bodies showed signs of torture.

Their deaths, discovered on World Press Freedom Day, bring to seven the number of journalists killed in Veracruz in the past year and a half. “Veracruz has seen a wave of lethal anti-press violence that is sowing widespread fear and self-censorship,” Carlos Lauria of Committee to Protect Journalists said in a statement.  Lauria called on Mexico’s government “to end the deadly cycle of impunity in crimes against the press.”

Luna was a photographer on the crime beat for the web site who was last seen on Wednesday May 2. He was the nephew of Huge, a journalist who had been working for the local newspaper Notiver until he fled Veracruz after two of the newspaper’s reporters were murdered last year. According to a fellow journalist who spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity, Huge had recently returned to the state. Esteban Rodriguez had been a photographer with the newspaper AZ until he too fled; according to some news reports, he had recently been working as a welder. Also found on the scene was the body of Luna’s girlfriend, Irasema Becerra.

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3 Responses to “Three News Photographers Murdered in Veracruz, Mexico”

  1. Jodi Rappaport Says:

    Send prayers for Guillermo Luna Varela, Gabriel Huge and Esteban Rodriguez, their families and friends and all the photojournalists who risk their lives in order to share with us the harsh realities of life.

  2. Troy Freund Says:

    A damn shame…my thoughts and prayers go to their families. I really hope the Mexican government can do something about this violence.

  3. shahn Says:

    Very very sad.
    These drug cartels are unbelievable in their brutality… makes you wonder how any person can go so far for money & power or whatever else these worthless pos want.

    It would be very wise for the US govt to help out the mexicans in any way possible to wipe these guys out… since americans are creating the drug demand.