Police Brutality? Pictures Tell a More Complicated Story


©Chicago Tribune/Brian Cassella

The Chicago Tribune has posted a dramatic series of photographs showing a clash between police and protesters outside the NATO summit meeting in Chicago on May 20. The images were shot by Tribune photographer Brian Cassella, who explains on his blog how he got the photos. The last image of the series shows a police officer cocking his fist to punch a protester. By itself, it’s easily read as (another) act of police brutality against citizens exercising their constitutional rights. But context is everything, as the rest of Cassella’s images illustrate: The police officer is throwing the punch to stop a protester from swinging a heavy stick (for the second time) at the head of another police officer who had lost his helmet. That helmet-less officer had already been struck once in the head by another protester swinging a lighter stick, which Cassella captured as it broke over the officer’s head. It’s a complicated story about two wrongs that don’t make a right, and Cassella tells it with clarity in nine frames. To see the series, visit the Chicago Tribune’s web site. (Cassella also talks about the photographs in this Chicago Tribune video.)

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8 Responses to “Police Brutality? Pictures Tell a More Complicated Story”

  1. Thomas Toohey Brown Says:

    Kudos, PDN…

  2. Casey Says:

    It’s pretty crazy how you and this photographer don’t show the incidents leading up to conflict. Just like NBC and CBS, liberals always conveniently leave out the part where the crazy people (liberals) start the violence that leads to this behavior by the police. Congrats! You just lost a follower.

  3. Ben Says:

    Casey, I know you didn’t read the story or anything, but could you say liberal one more time?

  4. CSD Says:

    Sorry Ben but who the blank do you think are protesting? Who is it 90 percent of the time??
    Answer: Young, middle class liberals. Sheep trying to fill their empty lives with pointless (and endless) protests.
    If it’s not global warming or NATO it’s ‘occupy’ this and ‘occupy’ that.
    Liberals, you’re pathetic.

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  6. femmyror Says:

    You guys, so wonderful to meet other 6th-graders in here! And I wasn’t even looking! It can be so exhausting to talk to adults.

    I think I too am going to leave another comment – under a different name! But it will still be me!

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  8. William Says:

    Someday you liberals will see the way of Christ and repent. Until then, you’ll get your skulls bashed in!