Canon 5D Mark III “Light Leak” Fix Is In: Add Black Electrical Tape

A fix for the exposure metering issue in the Canon 5D Mark III — which some have dubbed a “light leak” — appears to be in. And it seems as simple as Canon adding what looks like black electrical tape to the interior of the camera to prevent excessive light from the top LCD screen from throwing off metering.

Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals took apart a “new” 5D Mark III that arrived recently and noticed Canon appears to have added “very cool black tape they used to cover circuit boards” under the top LCD.

He knows the tape is a new addition because he took apart one of the early Canon 5D Mark IIIs a few weeks ago and there was no tape.

Below is a teardown of the original 5D Mark III without the tape and then the new camera with the tape. (Click to enlarge the photos.)

A simple fix but it seems effective.





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