Wedding Photographer FAIL (Video)

Has this ever happened to you? We hope not.

10 Responses to “Wedding Photographer FAIL (Video)”

  1. Mark Says:

    He deserved it. Know your surroundings. Know what you are doing. Get the shot and get the heck out of the way. His flash fired so many times it was stupid. If he couldn’t get there, get two shots and move on he is not much of a professional. That’s what you get for over shooting. OTOH with that being so close to the end of the aisle and being so low I would not be surprised if others had fallen in it too. Major safety hazard. Oh the dangers of Holy water.

  2. Mao Orozco Says:

    I feel sad for him, it’s an unfortunate incident, that can occur to anybody

  3. Fabian Says:

    Master Photographer Mark Gregor Woods,

    That was not a very kind thing to say. So in your view, the deserved penalty for taking more than two shots of the bride and groom walking down the isle is to get dropped into a fountain during a wedding, get completely drenched, and have all your gear destroyed? And by extension, the bride and groom deserve to have their wedding photos ruined for picking such a “stupid” photographer?

    I hope you hold yourself to the same standard when shooting your portraits of seniors, family and children.

    May I suggest that you ask your assistant to stand by at the ready with a barrel full of water in case you make a mistake? Although I am sure your clients will wonder what the barrel is for.

  4. Paul Says:

    I agree with Fabian. I’ve shot close to 1000 weddings and have had my fair share of mistakes. Talk to any professional and if they tell you they have never make a mistake they are either lying or never used a camera. Of course the guy knew it was there, he forgot in the moment. And as far as overshooting, that’s the beauty of digital. That’s what post production is all about. Lighten up Mark.

  5. Vishal Says:

    Mark you’re an idiot. and have no class for even saying stuff like that. Photography has an awesome community and almosts everyone is helpful and friendly, youre probably not a photographer or not doing well. Stupid person.

  6. Janimal Says:

    Hey Mark, If one is only to take one or two shots, howcome the proffesional camereas shoots 10-12 shoots per second. It must have been an issue otherwise it would not have been there todat.
    I’m sorry for the guy and his equipment.
    have a nice day- atb

  7. Jason Says:

    I’d say, thanks video guy for watching the whole thing and not giving me a shout.

  8. Jim Says:

    @Jason, Exactly what I was going to say!

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  10. james Says:

    poor bugger!
    i once did that on a wedding shoot in kenya, fell in a watering hole and got both my legs chewed off by a crock!! hazard of the job!
    oh and mark if your that good a tog that u can take just 2 pics of a bride n groom walking back down the isle and know youve got the goods, with no blinks or stupid expressions then hats off to you chap! i for one know that where women are concerned its always good to have a lil variety in your shots as the ladies allways hate pics of themselves!!
    tbh though i personally never use flash in a church ceremony, so much better using a higher iso and available light as you get much better atmosphere in my opinion!
    each to their own though, hope the poor guy was insured!