Sh*t Photographers Say Part 2? (VIDEO)

Last month we shared the first “Sh*t Photographers Say” video with you and now, lo and behold, here’s another, completely different, “Sh*t Photographers Say [Official]” video (see below.)

All of which begs the question: are we starting to get tired of the sh*t photographers say?

18 Responses to “Sh*t Photographers Say Part 2? (VIDEO)”

  1. Zac Says:

    Its just so…


  2. Kris Says:

    There’s a slew of these “Sh*t So-And-So Says” videos going around, and none of them are really that funny, but at least this one is better than the other (Part 1).

  3. mike m Says:

    This is definitely the better of the two

  4. Sh*t Photographers Say | Red Deer Studios Says:

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  5. Tyler K Says:

    The lesser of two evils, I suppose.
    I’m getting really tired of these kind of videos…

  6. Lincoln Barbour Says:

    This one is funnier than the other one. It reminds me of the social hour before an ASMP meeting.

  7. Lindsay Says:

    I dont think this was made by photographers. I mean, there are SOOO many stupid things photographers say and they go for this..

  8. lane dittoe Says:

    So funny and true !! later

  9. Caitlin Says:

    This one IS funny. If you went to school for photography. Which I did.

  10. D-Mac Says:

    Way better than the first one. Not really funny, but it IS true. Sounds like conversation in any coffee shop in Austin.

  11. Ken Says:

    A little…juvenile.

  12. Jim Says:

    It seems to me to be too much of people “talking shop” rather than necessarily being funny. You could do the same thing with computer nerds, car geeks, audio/video geeks, etc. (I loved the segment of the girl taking a picture of a tree trunk though.)

    Maybe they should focus more on the pretentious things photographers say, such as how artistic and high concept their own work is but everyone else’s work is garbage. You can find examples all over any given photography forum; someone will criticize the work of a Magnum photographer while providing a link to their own sad little Flickr account in some misguided attempt to show the world what “real” photography is. Subjectivity apparently doesn’t exist in their world.

  13. Stan Hooper Says:

    I guess, as long as someone starts with, “I think…,” that it’s qualified as sh*t. I wonder why? Satirically funny stuff.

  14. John Fowler Says:

    One word. Boring. OH, two words – vulgar also.

  15. Scott Says:

    I needed a laugh today funny but so true.

  16. Rattler Says:

    While some of the comments are true if you browse some of the free forums these sort of videos are just boring and pointless.

  17. Greg Robertson Says:

    I love the comments about “never shooting weddings.
    We need to have that on a short clip that we can keep on our smart phones just to show people who ask us to shoot a wedding.

  18. Kristina Says:

    Jesus, just did a shoot for an office website…it’s uncanny – so many “chin down, down, down…oooh, not so much down!!!”