PDN Video Pick: Iceland’s Water

Vatn (English) from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

Photographer and filmmaker Enrique Pacheco‘s most recent short film, “Vatn” (the Icelandic word for water), offers stunning views of Iceland’s oceans, rivers and waterfalls, made with the Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 600D, and Canon and Carl Zeiss glass.

Shot and edited over a 6-month period, the film employs an interesting narrative structure that personifies water and makes it the film’s protagonist. “Human beings are the antagonists,” Pacheco said of the film, in an interview published on his Web site. “We are changing the life cycle of water. This film is for water conservation. Instead of talking about water, I decided to personify water, give it voice, so we can hear it.”

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2 Responses to “PDN Video Pick: Iceland’s Water”

  1. William Gray Says:

    “Exploited” ????? There is enough geothermal energy in Iceland to pay for the shipping of aluminum ore, the smelting and sales of the product plus!!! guess what, a profit! But no, lets get into banking, not pay back English depositors and allow the two big banks in Iceland bring the country to it’s knees because we give the job of CFO for these banks to kids under 35. Dimwitted political fluff but great images.

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